About Us

Welcome to catchmyfame.com!

Let me introduce myself as Michael, I’m 37 years old and a freelance management consultant and motivational speaker. My inclination towards communication can be traced back to my university years when I conducted a study regarding the “Factors that Influence Productivity in the Workplace”. Based on the study, 85% of employees utilize more than one device for effective work communication. This data encouraged me to explore more about the topic and since then, it became the subject of my talks and symposia.

My purpose for creating this site is to emphasize the value and importance of effective communication in managing people and business. When I first thought about this idea, my vision is to explore different modes of communication and how they affect human behavior and interaction. And then my attention was geared towards technology and its relevance in organizing the flow of communication in various work set ups. 

In this modern generation, communication has become so much easier with the availability of multiple platforms that allow instant connection between people from all the far corners of the earth. I would like to use the products and advantages of technology in helping business people manage their companies better by way of implementing a good communication system amongst their employees and with their clients. 

I hope that I would be able to impart something relevant and valuable to all my readers who are in the business field, as well as to those who recognize communication as the most effective means to understand one another. Cheers to bigger and brighter technology that can help connect more people in the coming years!