Lightswitch Plugin Retired

Just a short note to say that the Lightswitch plugin is now retired. This was an interesting exercise in how to use jQuery to replace an input element with images/jQuery/CSS however over time I’ve felt it to be more gimmick than useful. It’s also been repeated ad nauseum and I look forward to developing something more unique and useful in the future.

The Pop-Up is Dead. Long Live the Pop-Up.

Many years ago, most web browser makers killed the ability for web pages to spawn annoying pop-up windows. You know, those irritating windows that just appeared out of nowhere without anyone asking you if you wanted to open a new window. Advertisers were the main cause of this obtrusive practice which they employed relentlessly to grab your attention while you were leisurely browsing the web. While this annoyance is largely dead, the 2012 equivalent of it is alive and well. Enter the equally annoying, in your face “read more”.  Continue reading The Pop-Up is Dead. Long Live the Pop-Up.

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