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Before/After Used in National Climate Change Website

The US government’s Global Change Research Program recently debuted a fancy new website with loads of HTML5 and CSS3 bells and whistles to discuss climate change. Among the visual eye candy is our own Before/After plugin in use to show the dramatic change in the Alaskan Muir glacier over a period of 60 years. Have a look at

PHP Pagination Class – Version 3

It’s been a while since the popular PHP pagination class has received any of my attention, so a few months ago I set out to re-write the class to be more up to date. This version takes advantage of both code and security updates as well as updates to PHP and MySQL. I’m also planning on moving the code over to GitHub where it should be easier to manage.

Here is the new and improved PHP pagination class for your enjoyment:


See the example files for how to use. I’ll create step-by-step instructions shortly.


Note that the demo uses MySQL’s free “world” database available at

  • Example 1 (basic paginated database result set)
  • Example 2 (Form variables passed via pagination class) Creates the World’s Least Usable (and possibly the ugliest) News Website (formerly has a history of terrible design choices. One of the worst, which I wrote about back in 2010, involved some ridiculous header that remained invisible when the site loaded unless you chose to scroll the page up. While I had no doubt that they would continue their tradition of making bad design choices, I was shocked to see their newest debacle.

Unfortunately I don’t have any images of the old layout to show you, but here’s a quick capture of their new layout as compared to the old:

Breaking_News_&_Top_Stories_-_World_News,_US_&_Local_NBC_News_-_2014-02-05_12.15 Breaking_News_&_Top_Stories_-_World_News,_US_&_Local_NBC_News_-_2014-02-06_13.24

Seems like whoever is in charge over there is really excited about mobile devices since it’s painfully obvious that the site has been designed to target smaller screens. In fact, it appears as if has totally forsaken desktops. Now, they have some Frankenstein hybrid of their old site mashed up with Pinterest. Hope you like images with your news because the site is loaded with them. Loads and loads of large images (which we all know mobile devices love to load quickly because they’re lightweight and don’t eat up data charges). And good luck trying to find anything easily. Categories seem to be randomly ordered, and the search page looks like a typical 404 page not found page, except that it’s not — it’s really their search, just optimized for mobile devices (hooray!).

I’d be curious to know if Nbcnews did any research or used focus groups to hone their new site, or whether this was all created without feedback. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m all for a decent mobile-friendly website, but don’t ignore desktop users in the process of building one. Using the Before/After Plugin to Show Typhoon Haiyan Disaster Images

Thanks to, for choosing to use the Before/After plugin on their article, “Devastating Before and After Images of Typhoon Hiayan“. In addition to this story, has also featured the Before/After plugin on several other stories including:

This is 2013 Right?


Seriously? Hey Cisco, it’s 2013 right? Not 1813 where carrier pigeons and the pony express are the preferred means of communication. You are one of the world’s biggest technology companies, yet you’re telling me that the simple task of unsubscribing from one of your spammy newsletters takes 10 days?!?! 10 DAYS! Are you serious? This basic task should take femtoseconds using today’s technology. What exactly are you doing in those 10 days that it takes so long to kill my name from your list?


Update: Add Warner Brothers to the list of companies that must print out a list of people that unsubscribe and ship it around the globe to some lowly intern that must manually input email addresses to remove.