CatchMyFame is about my experiences in the world of web development and design. I have over 12 years of IT experience, my MCSE, and a low tolerance for stupid people. I prefer working with PHP and MySQL, and have created sites of every shape and size. I have experience with the trials and tribulations of web development and design (hence the term “designoper”, which while awkward, sums up both roles).

Feel  free to ask me anything and share your experiences. Initially I watched the world of blogs unfold and slowly pass me by, wondering why anyone would care about what an average guylike me has to say. Then it hit me. We’re all in the same boat and what better way to pass the time until I hit the lottery or become rich by selling out to Google, than by sharing my experiences?

Oh, and while most of the code I write is free, if you find something here particularly useful and are feeling generous, all donations are greatly appreciated.


A web developer's journal