Adding a Loading Indicator to the Before/After Plugin

Sometimes you may not be able to pre-load the images you’re using with the before/after plugin. In that situation you may want to give your visitors some indication that the images are loading so that they’re not left scratching their heads wondering if there’s a problem. Fortunately with a little jQuery and CSS you can add a loading indicator to the before/after plugin.

The jQuery

After the jQuery code to instantiate the plugin, add (assuming a container with the id of “conjainer”):

$('#container').prepend('<p id="loader">Loading...</p>');
$('#container > div:eq(2) > img').load(function() {


Then add some styling. Here we’re adding an animated loading gif:

#container {
	border:2px solid #666;
#loader {
	background: #e9e9e9 url(ajax-loader.gif) no-repeat 50% 50%;

And that’s it! Note that this is just a basic example and it only tests for one of the two images being loaded, however it’s basic to extend this concept further and even provide more feedback to the user.

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