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Some of you have asked for more examples of the PHP pagination class I wrote, specifically the same examples I’m using here on the site. The database comes from
MySQL’s free example databases available at http://dev.mysql.com/doc/#sampledb (my example uses the world database). The two examples I use here can be seen at
http://www.catchmyfame.com/paginator/example.php and http://www.catchmyfame.com/paginator/example-form.php. You can download both PHP files, along with the
pagination class in a zip file. Don’t forget to grab the sample database from MySQL.

Note that the MySQL site seems to be undergoing some updates and the sample databases are hard to find. If the above links don’t work try http://dev.mysql.com/doc/index-other.html

5 Responses to “PHP Pagination Class”

  1. Greenhorn says:

    Hi, I’m trying to locate your zip file with examples. Can’t seem to find them here?

  2. You have made awesome Pagination class. I am going to use it in my project. Thanks alot.

  3. HandsomeHans says:

    Great pagination class. I miss only one thing: sorting the columns (asc/desc). Perhaps it’s an idea for a new class?

  4. Kaleb Klein says:

    Awesome tutorial. Very great. It worked perfect for me.

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