And, we’re back…

First of all, apologizes for the unplanned disappearance of this site (and a few others I run). Apparently a post or two received a lot of attention from which caused our host to pitch a fit and shut our sites down. Lovely people. Knee-jerk reactions like this are always fun to fix. From what I’ve heard a lot of hosts have this type of shoot first ask questions later policy.

So what happened? On Thursday our site caused the server we’re on to get hammered and this must have set off some sort of alarms at our hosting provider. Now rather than look into the problem and do some basic troubleshooting, we were summarily moved from our old server to the stabilization server. However as our host now admits, they botched that up and didn’t move our databases over which caused the site to become dead. So for the past two days I’ve been going back and forth with them via email, their ticket system, and yes by phone. All that needed to be done was add a caching plugin to our site that got hammered and we should’ve been golden. However to do this, I needed web access to my site and functional databases, neither of which my host could seemingly provide.

For the time being we seem to be functional and hopefully we’ll be around for the foreseeable future. Thanks for your patience; mine are long gone.

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