More Free Advice for Digg – Digg ‘n Ditch

I started using Digg in 2005 and with each passing month I use it less and less. I hardly digg any stories anymore, and I usually visit once a twice a week to see what’s been driven up the popularity ladder. I’ve pretty much stopped submitting stories since they don’t seem to get any attention but in the process I discovered a weakness in the digg process that they should fix.

I call it digg ‘n ditch. It works like this. You find a story you want to submit and begin the process of adding it to digg. As soon as you submit the story (video, image, etc.) digg comes back and says sorry, someone beat you to the punch, and shows you that some smartass submitted the same link 20 minutes earlier. Then it sits there. On your monitor. Mocking you. Should I digg it you think? I was going to submit anyway so why not digg it? Oh screw it, it wasn’t that good anyway. And then you give up and browse the rest of the site or go back to filling out your TPS report.

And therein lies the flaw. A story you were going to submit and simultaneously digg, goes undugg. When digg’s system brings up their ‘oh hey sorry bud, better luck next time’ page, it should also automatically add your digg to it. You were ready to add your support to the exact same link anyway, so why not? You can always go through the exercise of undigging it if you’re really in a shitty mood and feeling petty, but you’re as lazy as I am and we know you’ll just leave it. The way it should be. Dugg.

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